Gantt chart Validation

Task Reflection

 Task Auditing

 Smart Open

Preforms automatic predefined
checks from an entire Gantt chart
Reflects tasks and details from other Gantt charts  Shows the tasks chain that affects a specific task  Enables project's search by name in project server
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 Complete Milestones

 Status Marker

 Clear Cache

 Baseline Extender

 Automatically update completed milestones  Paint task according to their status  Deletes Gantt chart files from local cache memory  Saves new tasks to baseline
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 Level On

Ready? GO!

Smart Chain
Allows explaining of delays by entering a “reason” from a list  Performs re-scheduling and resource leveling Show the rediness to begin a task  Smart Chain feature find critical chain for selected task
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Project Server


Extra PWA Reports

Auto Publish

Auto Save Baseline


Add three powerful reports to Project Web Access Automatically publish Gantt charts to Project Server Automatically Save Baseline at a specific times or periods  
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SharePoint Solutions


ActiveDirectory Sync

Cascading Lookup Field 

Taxonomy WebPart

Risk Matrix

Synchronizes Active Directory users with a SharePoint list Filters one lookup field values by a selected value from another field Gives the possibility to set up for a particular field list its values Risk Matrix improves the visibility of project risks
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Birthday List Webpart

Document Link Field

File Uploader

A list of employees who have a birthday this month. Link from SharePoint item to any kind of document or file Uploading local files into SharePoint library